5.2  Site Inductions - Viewed copy.png

1. SITE INDUCTION - This is the Project Manager Site Induction register page. 

2. INDUCTION LIST - This is a list of the site induction that has been added to this project.  SITE BOX has a free default site inductions but using you SITE-BOX app you can delete this site inductions and add your company preferred Site Induction.  

As you are likely to have similar site inductions on all your project we recommend that you add your site induction to the "Private Folder".  Then simply added the site inductions (using your app) to new projects.  

3.  INDUCTIONS VIEWED -  This is a register of all the people who have viewed your site inductions.

4. INDUCTIONS NOT VIEWED - This is a list of all the people you have added to this project (Add contact/contractor with the Contact table below) who have NOT viewed the Site Inductions.  

5. REGISTER - This is a register of all the people who have viewed your site inductions.  The Register will keep track of the site inductions name,  Date & Time the site inductions was viewed.   The contractor can view site inductions on their app or there Computer.    When a contractor completes a site inductions Site Box send them an email confirming that they have viewed and agreed to all your company Terms & Conditions.