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1. SNAP VIEW - Click Here to view Snap View progress photos & Videos.

2. SORT BY DATE - Default will be set to current date.

3.  SEARCH BY USER - You have the option to search by date & a  User  (contractor)  Name.  This is helpful if you are wanting to check time sheets for a user  OR If you just wont to view your Site Manager progress video & photos.

4. CHECK IN/OUT - If you tick this box and then click on the "GO" button (item 6)  you will only view date & times that users (contractors & staff) have SIGNED IN & OUT of your project. 

5. EXPORT TO EXCEL - Export time sheets to EXCEL.

6. GO - Click GO to view the date  filtered SNAP VIEW progress report. 

7, PDF - Click this button to General a PDF of the SNAP VIEW progress report. 

8. User (contractor or staff) Name , Date & Time  photo or video taken.

9. Time a Person Check IN & Check OUT of the a project.  RED text is the calculate the total time a person was on site.  This information can be exported to Excel (view item 6 above)