1. My Checklist.png


1. My Checklist - This is a summary of the Due Date & Status of checklist item you need to action. 

2. Sort By Date - This has a default setting of 2 month before current date & 12 month after curent date. 

3. SEARCH - Search by project name.

4. ADD - Add a new checklist items by clicking on the GREEN ADD button.

5. Project List

6. Create a New Project 

7. Due Date - This is the date of when and checklist items needs to be actioned.  If an item is OVER DUE it will go RED.

8. Project Name - Of the items that need to be actioned.  Click on Project Name to view the project checklist. 

9. Status -

2. Checklist  - B.png

1. MY CHECKLIST - This will take you back to the Summary Checklist page. 

2. CHECKLIST NAME - This is the name of the checklist item you have selected. 

3. WORK COMPLETED -  When you click on the Works Completed button it will move checklist items from "Action Items" to "Works Completed List"  item 9.  

4. EDIT OR DELETE - Click here to can edit or delete the folder 

5. ADD - Click the add button to create a new checklist item. 

6. CHECKLIST HISTORY - Here you will find who created and responded to a checklist items, Due date and reminder.  The tick box will let you know if a checklist items was email on the same day it was created. 

7. REPLY - Click on New Comment button to reply to an existing checklist item. 

8. CHECKLIST DETAILS - Click on the checklist item to view details.

9. ACTION & COMPLETED LIST -  When a Project Manager click on the works complete button (item 3 above) SITE BOX will move the checklist item to the Works Completed List. 

10. EDIT - Project Manager can edit the text of existing checklist items. 

11. PDF - Click Here to Create a PDF of the checklist

3. Add comments.png

12. REPLY - Click on New Comment button & you will see this pop up on the screen

13. COMMENTS - Add comments

14. ACTION - add the email address of who you want to complete the work noted on the checklist item.  SITE-BOX will auto-populate with the last updated email address but you can edit this. 

15.  DUE DATE - add the date you want this item to be completed by.

16.  6. EMAIL - Send the checklist item as an email. When a person receives an email from the SITE-BOX checklist they can respond to the email like any normal email. There email response will be automatically uploaded to the SITE-BOX checklist.  

17.  REMINDER - Send a reminder to the Action by email address.  This will be sent "X" before the due date

18. SAVE & SEND - click on one of the 3 option to save & send the checklist .