Add Multiple Contacts?

Q.  What is the easiest way to add multiple contact for large projects.

A.  Steps:

  • Got to the contacts page,

  • Click on the plus (+) sign in to top right corner.

  • Select the Add by “SiteBox “ tab.

  • Search by name or by company then tick all the contract you want and click the (+) sign at the bottom right hand corner.

Private Folder?

Q. Can other people see my Private Folder?

A.  No.  Only YOU as the Account Owner can see the content of the Private Folder. 

Q. How Do I add a Document ?

A. http://www.siteboxapp.com/company-documents/ 

Private Folder Attachments?

Q.  I can’t send images to my private folder?

A.  Steps:

  • Check email address.

  • Attach document to your email by using the paper clip icon. View Video No.3 above - Add Documents & Use Private Folder.

 Word Documents.

Q. I can’t find "Word Documents" when I open them on SITE BOX.

A. From the top of your phone swipe down and you should see your down loaded file where you should be able to open any missing files. 

Account Cancelled

Q.  Why has my account been cancelled?

A.  Accounts will be cancelled if they are not active in a 12-month period.

Reuse Old Projects

Q. Can I reuse and old project licence after Iv deleted and existing project?

A. Yes. 

 Site Inductions

Q. Can I have my company logo & company details added to the Site Induction video?

A. Yes.  Simply email us your logo & Company details and we will add them to the video and load it up to YouTube. 



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