6. Reports & Defects...png

1. REPORTS & DEFECT - Project Manager can Edit the text or delete photos.

2. CHECKLIST - ALL photo reports (that have not been checked off as completed) in  alphabetical order. 

3. FOLDER NAME - Click on individual reports & defects

4. WORKS COMPLETED- This is a list of ALL the works that have been completed.  

Note Only the Project Manager can click on the Work Complete button (item 8.  This can also be done on the SITE-BOX app).  

5. FOLDER NAME - Of Items in the works completed list. 

6. SEARCH - Search for reports and defect folder name. 

7. FOLDER NAME - Name of the report / Defect

8. WORKS COMPLETED - Only the Project Manager can view this function. When the Project Manager clicks on the works complete button (This can also be done on the SITE-BOX app) the folder will be moved to the works complete list.  

9. PDF - Generate a PDF of the reports & Defects folder that you have selected.   Note you can select "Check List - All " or  "Works Completed " to PDF all the reports & defects in those folders. 


11. EDIT - Edit & save new comments. 

12. DATE - Date the report/defect was taken using the Site-Box App.

13. DELETE -  Click the "X" to delete a photo.

14. PHOTO - Photo taken by either the project manager or contractors. 

NOTE: Both Project Manager & contractors can add reports & defects but only the project manager can edit, delete.