Note: Site Box will place all your cost & revenue in the first month of your project. 

1.  Blue - Revenue. 

     Black - Cost.


2. Edit cash flow. Simply click on the Cost or Revenue you want to edit change the 

    amount & click enter.  Give it a few seconds to refresh and recalculate your

    monthly & running balance.  Once this is done, repeat this process for each month.

    Note. SITE BOX won't let you exceed the total Revenue or Cost. 


3. Monthly Income - This is the total amount of income you have forecasted for all 

    your projects.  


4. RUNNING BALANCE - This will show you a forecast of the amount of money you will    

    have in your bank account each month.  

Example: June $5,000 plus

                 July  $53,652 

This will give you a Running Balance at the end of July of $58,652.