An app to help builders sleep better at night.


Builders who haven’t run into trouble with law yet are just lucky. The majority of building sites are an accident waiting to happen which is why local builder Daniel Stedman developed an intuitive new app to protect himself and his work mates.

Builder Daniel Stedman recalls the day he received a panicked call from one of his excavator drivers. Strong winds had caused a tree, which was already tagged for removal, to uproot from the ground and fall over and into bushland. Fortunately, his driver was on a break when the tree came down.

Daniel, who was juggling multiple jobs at the time and working on a nearby site, rushed to visit the site and only then did he realise how lucky his driver had been and in turn how lucky he had been that no one was hurt. The enormous tree fell into bushland but if it had fallen in a different direction it could’ve killed the driver, demolished the house he was contracted to rebuild, or destroyed neighbouring property where children could’ve been playing.

It was a real eye-opener to the paralysing liability and damages Daniel and his business was exposed to. He couldn’t even remember if he’d properly given his driver a site induction when he started work on the job a week before.

There were the usual signs around stipulating the requirement to wear a hard hat and steel capped boots etc., and he remembered speaking to his driver about specific site details such as where to find the first aid kit, but he certainly didn’t have any paperwork to demonstrate he’d properly briefed his driver.

Under the local government safety legislation, builders can be fined or jailed for negligence in similar situations.

The incident sparked Daniel to develop SITEBOX, a new intuitive app designed to make it simple, convenient and cheap for builders and tradesmen to protect themselves, their staff and their contractors while meeting their legal obligations under the governments safety legislation.

SITEBOX has been two years in the making but Daniel is convinced it has the power to change the way builders do business by dramatically reducing the paperwork burden on time-poor small business owners, lowering their exposure to risk and liability, improving workplace safety, and boosting productivity. 

It can free builders up to spend more time on the revenue-generating activities they enjoy like building, project management and ensuring an actual safe site, rather than burdensome paperwork and administration.

According to Daniel, SITEBOX aims to simplify the site induction process for builders by allowing them to perform site inductions on mobile phones and tablets; keep a record of who has viewed site induction videos; collect digital signatures; remotely managed projects; report building defects;  store and retrieve important information like Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), licence and insurance policy’s; and share documents and photos with users.  Daniel was also concerned with the growing number of multicultural trades people and the Languages barrier that it presented.  This is why Site Box has some general site safety inductions videos in multiple languages that are free for anyone to use.

SITE-BOX current system also includes Geo Fencing which automatically signs contractors IN & OUT of a project & and emergency SMS evacuation system.

You can find SITE BOX on the App Store and Google Play. There is a free option available that allows users to access the app’s key features and manage a few projects.

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