How To Build an Estimate Price List.

1. Sort by & Search functions. 

2. Create Folders - Type in Folder Name & click the plus (+) icon.

3  Select a folder FIRST before adding costs.  Note All cost will default to the "All  

    Estimates"  folder if you don’t nominate a folder location. 

4. Add Quick Estimate - this is useful when you have been given a price over the


5. Drag & Drop PDF or Excell or Word as an attachment to your cost sheet. 

6. URL Links i.e supplier website & Google doc's spreadsheets etc. 

7. Here you can import a suppliers price list or  import your own existing price list by

    click the  - Multiple Prices - Simply download the "Cost Estimates Template". 

8. Edit - Click on the Hedding to edit cost, text.  

9. Menu Bar - This will give you a drop down box to change between pages.