Australian builder develops

world class workplace safety app

Sydney, August 2015: Local Freshwater resident and builder Daniel Stedman has built an intuitive new app, designed to make it simple, convenient and cheap for builders and tradesmen to protect themselves, their staff and their contractors while meeting their legal obligations under WorkCover.

SITEBOX is the first app that uses Geo-fencing to automatically enables tradies to perform site inductions on mobile phones and tablets; keep a record of who has viewed site induction videos; like collecting digital signatures; report building defects; remotely managed projects; store and retrieve important information like SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) ABN, licence and insurance policy numbers; and share construction documents and photos with users.

There is a free version available on the App Store and Google Play, which allows users to access the app’s key features and manage a few projects. The other versions offer additional projects, contract and storage.  All key functions (even on the FREE version) are include like‘CHECK-IN’ which uses Geo-fencing tracking to automatically check contractors IN & OUT of a project & carry out mandatory Site Safety Inductions.

According to SITE-BOX creator Daniel Stedman, who owned a small residential building company, SITE-BOX has the power to dramatically reduce the paperwork burden on time-poor small business owners, lower their exposure to risk and liability, improve workplace safety, and boost productivity.

Even though the SITE-BOX app was designed for small businesses, large companies with well over 500 contractors to a site, have started using the system due to the fact that it is so simple to use.  Larger construction companies are predominantly using the CHECK-IN feature which sign contractors IN & OUT of a project or just to increase safety on there sites by using the emergency SMS evacuations system.

“Builders are practical and hardworking but the majority struggle to find time for or aren’t good at administration and they don’t enjoy the day-to-day running of a small business. As a result, essential work, health and safety requirements like site inductions can slip through the cracks,” he said.

“SITEBOX is like having a dedicated safety manager at each site to carry out site inductions and handle all the necessary paperwork. It’s a practical and cheap solution to a worrying issue that keeps many builders up at night.”

Like most small builders, Daniel found it challenging adhering to his Safety Management Plan and keeping his Safe Work Method Statement up-to-date. He struggled to find the time to meet with contractors on site and personally walk them through the safety induction, which is why he developed SITEBOX.  Daniel was also concerned with the growing number of multicultural trades people and the Languages barrier that it presented.  This is why Site Box has some general site safety inductions videos in multiple languages that are free for anyone to use.

“It’s relatively straight-forward putting signs up on site which stipulate requirements like hard hats and steel capped boots etc, but it’s often location-specific details such as where the first aid kit is, the direction of amenities and how to contact the local hospital that are commonly unintentionally overlooked by builders,” he said.

“SITEBOX addresses many of these issues and ensures that work is being carried out safely.”

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